Have you found yourself needing to plan a big event or conference for staff or delegates and don't know where to start?

New Zealand Conference Connexions is here to make YOU look great. If you're looking for professional and experienced event organisers or conference planners, or found yourself needing to organise a group incentive or travel incentive, we do it all, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

We believe that at the end of your event, if no-one knows who we are, we've done our job well. Drink champagne with the boss and enjoy yourself while we do all the work in the background.

Our promise

NZCC will carefully source and then bring together the very best of services, products and venues around the globe. Being an independent Company ensures that we contract only those services and products which maintain the highest standards of excellence and are right for you!

NZCC has been creating high end impact to a huge range of events since 1999. Take a look at some past conferences and events.